About Us

Blackmeal is a creative studio developing and producing video projects for a wide array of supports, spanning from television and cinema to web and multiplatform productions.

Blackmeal co-founders’ shared experiences in communication agencies, motion design, post-production and animation movies enable our clients and potential partners to develop their projects in a unique environment.

Blackmeal offers a wide range of skills from concept development, pre-production through production management and final delivery.

Our leadership
  • Matthieu Colombel
    CEO / Motion director - +33(0)646085329

    “Movement is life”.

    Award winning motion director Matthieu Colombel joined Blackmeal as Chief Executive Officer after successfully founding and developing the motion design department at TBWA Paris agency.

    His experience in motion design and creation allows Blackmeal to guide our clients and partners through the conception and integration of their projects within their communication strategy.

  • Thomas Lecomte
    Concept Designer / Head of Animation

    Following a successful career as a layout artist and storyboarder for feature films, independent productions and commercials, Thomas Lecomte joined Blackmeal as its Head of Layout and main Concept Designer.

    His contribution goes from the beginning of our productions to the creative process and concept design. His work as an animator is one of the main driving forces behind the previsualization and animation process.

  • Vincent Ben Abdellah
    Creative Director

    As Blackmeal’s Creative Director, Vincent Ben Abdellah defines the creative line and artistic tone for our productions. As a former art director and illustrator, one of his roles is to guide through our clients in their graphic research while managing artists contributing to the production.

    As the main force coordinating the creative team towards the right concept, Vincent is the major contributor to projects’ design and creation.

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